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Proven Broadcaster. With over twenty five years in major, medium, and small markets as air talent, programmer, and promotions-marketing director, John knows radio!


As a Research Innovator,  John developed various winning music formats, including CHR, Hot Country and Oldies. As the owner of Format Productions in Portland, Oregon; John knows market focusing, music testing, promotions, programming and TV campaigns.

Talent Developer. With proven broadcast experience and a communications teacher, John is especially strong at coaching and developing air-staff.

"Once broadcasting gets into your blood, ....the desire to be creative is embedded in the soul forever.  It started with a humble beginning during my senior year of high school. For me, the passion of being on-air was realized by Craig Clyde (now a film director).  After a quarter century, my fervor for broadcasting continues....."

This website is my attempt to catalog various pictures and sound files and give you a general background of my ongoing career.  This is a work in progress and not necessarily in any chronological order.